We think it's simple:

Do you think men and women should be equal? Of course you do! So, you're a feminist. What?! Yep. And it's not a bad thing.

Feminists look differently and act differently and do different things. We have different passions and different ways of expressing our desires for equality. Some of us march. Others raise our fists in solidarity. Some swear. Some yell. Some are really angry (if you haven't noticed, inequality totally blows). There are plenty of ways to express feminism, like starting a scrappy clothing brand using high quality apparel printed in Minnesota,  born out of love and positivity and the belief that together, women and men can create an equal world. But hey, to each their own.

Of all the things we can share, we want you to know this: "feminist" isn't a naughty word. It's powerful. It's worthy of praise & pride. It's a badge of honor. So, don't be shy, use that F-bomb with gusto, and shout from the roof tops: 


PS: We also like to give back and support organizations in our communities that promote equality of all kinds, which is why a portion of our proceeds do just that.

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