Beyond Equality | ThisFem™ strives for social responsibility, too.

We're working hard to put the QUALITY in EQUALITY:

We take our responsibility to better our community, both locally and globally, seriously. At ThisFem™, not only do we want to promote equality of all kinds, but also do our best to support a cleaner, greener Mother Earth through all of our processes.


We make sure the apparel we print on and embroider on is not only high quality and high style, but also ethically made and sourced. When we first created our black on black tees, tanks, and crew necks, we wanted to ensure that we were doing it the right way. Keeping our production as close to home as possible was important to us. Selecting ethically produced and manufactured apparel was top of mind, too. Fast Fashion and extremely low prices are hard to compete with, especially as a small brand. Consumer behavior and big-box retailers have made it increasingly difficult for brands to balance fashion, style, and ethics. We knew it would be a process, but everyday we try to continue to bring all components of production as close to home as possible.

We source from sweatshop-free manufacturers who practice eco-friendly production and maintain social and environment responsibility as core values, taking every opportunity to minimize their ecological footprint. From ultra-efficient dye machines that save over 24 million gallons of water a week, to manufacturing facilities that produce almost zero landfill waste, we trust our manufactures are pushing the envelope in ethical fashion production.

Excitingly, our main manufacturer has moved almost all of their production to the U.S. Our latest order of Cropped Crews all boast MADE IN THE USA tags. Our manufactures are designing the apparel here, dyeing it here and cutting it here. The garments are then assembled in the U.S. or Central America. 

We want to be transparent: not all of our manufacturers produce in the U.S., but they do hold WRAP Certification. To learn more about how WRAP certifies companies, ensuring fair compensation and benefits, safe work environments, and environmental practices, please visit

We continue to source styles we love (and think you will, too) as responsibly as possible. It's always top of mind for us, and we're excited to continue pushing the envelope as our business grows.

Printing and embroidery:

All of our apparel is screen printed and embroidered locally in the Twin Cities through small, locally owned and operated businesses. We've toured their offices, met their teams, and know their processes. We partner with them directly to brainstorm ideas and create new styles we're proud of and they are too. 


Some of our shipping products are reused: we keep all the filler from our Thrive orders for the perfect wrapping to ship our hats and pint glasses with, and it's all recyclable! Our main packaging is transitioning to a 100% recyclable version before the summer. And if shipping costs or packaging excess bums you out, we're excited to share we're for sale in-store at Niche Boutique and working to partner with additional retailers to easily get our gear in your hands on your terms. 

Is it perfect? No! But social responsibility and supporting fellow business owners is important to us. Have any ideas that can help improve our processes? Please shoot us a note at We would love to learn more about your ideas and how we can continue to produce great products you love with consciousness for the people who make them and the environment, too.

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