We Asked; You Answered

Hi there! Anne here. We’re relaunching the blog and we wanted to start with our number 1’s – YOU. Some of you have been here since day 1, and some of you just joined this epic journey of equality but either way, we’re so grateful to have you here. Thank YOU for being cheerleaders of equality, from the bottom of our hearts.

One of my biggest goals as brand manager is to make this about you guys, after all, you’re the one making this a reality. I wanted to truly take some time to wrack your brains and see what a feminist truly looks like to you, along with a few other fun questions.

Here were your answers!!


What does the word “feminist” mean to you?

Feminism is all about equality for all genders.

It’s about love and equality for ALL! Continuing to push that equality is for everyone, not just women. 

It means fighting for not only equality but for removing barriers to access.

Women and Men = in ALL areas.

It means equality. Unabashed. Being an advocate. Standing up for what’s right. Being a badass.


So what does a feminist look like?

A feminist can look like literally anyone!

It’s someone who stands up for the equal rights of all genders.

A feminist can look however the hell he or she wants to!

Someone who is unapologetically bold, fearless, & authentic in the pursuit of women’s equality and empowerment.

A feminist looks like ME!

Like all the people. Men. Women. Children. Young. Old. White. Black. Etc.


So what’s something in the news lately that has given you hope?

Jayme Closs being found.

ERA gaining traction in the house across the states.

#RENTLive- this got a lot of flack, but I think it was amazing on national TV- ON FOX

A man who used a scene from “The Office” to do CPR!

The NY abortion law change. Not that everyone agreed, but I had some really great conversations (because of it).


Who is someone you look up to?

My sister.

My grandma.

My mom. 

My daughter.

My strong empowered peers who look out for one another and build a community!

All the mama bears!


Megan Tamte. (The Evereve Founder)

Gregg Renfrew.

The ladies at Merry Hour.

Those trying to break the glass ceiling.

Sophia Bush.

The Obamas.

So many badass women in business!


If you were given a thousand dollars to donate to a charity which one would you pick and why?

Best Buddies. 

Planned Parenthood or a similar org. that provides reproductive healthcare services.

Youth link- keeping the homeless youth warm when it’s SOOO cold.


100% a dog charity, or Planned Parenthood.

Rather than giving to a charity, a person of significant need- specifically someone with a disability.

A21. (Abolishing Slavery Everywhere)

The Trevor Project.

Mental Health Minnesota.


Got any other thoughts for us?

Be the change.

Be the light.

Everyone should be a feminist.

Why don’t more men identify as feminists?

 I think there’s a misconception of what feminism is- and that it means women > men which isn’t true at all.

While many issues become partisan, I just feel like its divisive and we need all the help to make the change. To see the change, to show the change. To fight for equality.

I think there are a lot of social norms out there- and it’s really cool to see people questioning them. Asking if it’s really right or wrong. Making a change for a better life- a kinder world. I love that. 


WOW. Okay, Y'all are inspiring us! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, to use your voice. My challenge to you is to use these questions, answer them if you haven’t already and figure out what you’re passionate about. Fight for a better tomorrow. Fight with love, spread hope, be the light, guys! We believe in you.



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